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I thought it would be nice to introduce each section of my website with something a little bit personal about myself, before getting into the more formal sections, such as the biography that follows this page. I wanted to begin with something simple: why, at the most basic level, I play the harp.


Many musicians gravitate to a particular instrument, and I became entranced with the harp when I first saw one at the age of five. I started playing the piano then and finally talked my parents into letting me play the harp when I was ten.


The harp is an intimate instrument. Your fingertips create the sound and nuances; there isn’t a bow or a mallet between you and the sound. All of the different colors come from subtle differences in the physical way you approach the instrument, as there aren't any mechanical interventions to rely on, like the sustain pedal on the piano. The sound of the harp reminds me of a watercolor in the way that everything resonants and overlaps and blends together around the edges, creating a wash of sound. It's a beautiful and unique instrument.



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