I gave my first performance when I was five years old. I had been taking piano lessons for a couple of weeks and my teacher suggested that I might like to perform at the informal studio class she held in her living room each month. I remember being a bit nervous, but enjoying the experience simultaneously. This was the first of many, many performances.

I perform as a solo harpist, a chamber musician and an ensemble musician. I also record quite a bit. In 2018, I released a new solo album, Songs and Dreams, featuring my own compositions and transcriptions. In 2019, cellist Dariusz Skoraczewski and I will be releasing an album of harp and cello duets, entitled Beau Soir. 


If you'd like to hear me play, the Videos section highlights a few different pieces and is a good starting point. If you're looking for something more comprehensive, the Repertoire section covers the broad selection of music that I play and includes many videos. (In case you're interested, I do almost all of my own video work and have my own YouTube channel, with videos of me playing and informational videos for students -

The following pages also contain an overview of my recordings and some reviews. I hope you enjoy exploring!

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