Even before I'd finish music school, I knew that I was equally interested in both performing and teaching. The two balance each other well for me and I can't imagine a time where I wouldn't want to teach. 

I enjoy connecting with students of all levels, whether it's a student who studies with me privately year after year, or a student I meet just once in a masterclass. It's fascinating to see the many different approaches people have to the harp and how they intertwine music with their life. 

Teaching is simultaneously something that feels quite natural to me and something that I've worked at improving deliberately and methodically. Over the past several years, I've been writing increasing amounts of music for students, exercises and pedagogical pieces that target specific areas of playing. I never imagined myself doing this, but it's a natural extension of teaching. 

The next few pages have all sorts of detailed information about private lessons and the various school programs where I teach, as well as information specifically about online lessons. If you have no prior experience with the harp, I'd suggest starting with my New to the Harp article.  

"Miss Jackie is a very inspiring harp teacher.  I enjoy learning with her because she makes the lessons fun and interesting, yet challenging.  It is a privilege to be the student of such a wonderful teacher."

   –14-year-old student

In addition to all of this, I have an informational harp website - HarpInsideOut.com - with all kinds of articles and videos about the harp. Many of my own publications are available there as well.

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