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Jacqueline is a dedicated teacher who works with students around the world. Students come to her with diverse goals: some are interested in preparing for auditions or performances, many are interested in building technique and playing at a higher level, and others are looking to begin their study of the harp.

There are multiple ways for students to work with Jacqueline, including periodic online workshops, intermittently scheduled private lessons, and regular weekly private lessons. Jacqueline also offers some group lesson instruction, where small groups of students at similar levels focus on building technical and musical skills. In addition to working with Jacqueline directly, many students enjoy Jacqueline's instructional videos on her YouTube channel as well as her pedagogical publications.

Given her fascination with how people learn, Jacqueline enjoys working with a variety of students from beginning through advanced levels. She always seeks to meet students where they are, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and gently guide them to the next level, whether that's refining performance skills in competition preparation, or learning to read music as they begin to play the harp.

Video of a high school student performing Rouet 

by Alphonse Hasselmans in a student recital. 

General Information

Throughout 2021 - 2022 Jacqueline offered many online workshops on a variety of topics. Recordings of these past workshops, for students of any level playing either a lever or a pedal harp, are available to be purchased. This can be a great option for students who have some experience playing, are looking for some general guidance, and are comfortable with an asynchronous learning model. All registrants are provided with a PDF packet of exercises or notes to accompany the workshop. See the Workshops page for more information about available workshops.

Private lessons are offered for students ages five and up in 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson lengths for students playing either a lever or pedal harp. Regular weekly instruction is offered Mondays through Thursdays. Intermittent private lessons are scheduled on mutually agreeable days and times. Some group lesson instruction, focusing on general technical and musical skills, is also available. Group lessons consist of two to four students per class.

In-person lessons are available for local students at Jacqueline's studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Three different size harps are available for lessons and limited harps are available to rent to students for at home practice. Student recitals for interested students are offered several times a year, with various options for solo or ensemble performing. 

In addition to in-person lessons, Jacqueline has been offering online lessons since 2013. Online lessons are offered through several platforms: Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Students interested in studying virtually need to have a harp available at home for practice and lessons. Students are welcome to use a hybrid approach to lessons, with some lessons in person and some online.

Video of a middle school student performing

Solfeggietto by C. P. E. Bach in a student recital. 

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline holds a Master of Music in harp performance and pedagogy from the Peabody Conservatory. In addition to teaching lessons for students privately, Jacqueline is on the faculties of the Baltimore School for the Arts and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She also is the founder and director of the Baltimore Harp Camp, a week-long summer day camp where students play in a harp ensemble, study music theory and history, and end the camp with a recital of solo and ensemble works.

Various aspects of Jacqueline's career intersect with her teaching. As a composer, Jacqueline has written many works intended for students. A complete listing of all her publications can be found on the Compositions page. Jacqueline also regularly posts harp videos, including performance, instructional and maintenance videos, on her YouTube channel.

More Information

Questions about Lessons and New to the Harp are both informative pages found on this website. Additionally please visit, a separate informational harp website maintained by Jacqueline, which provides videos and articles about a wealth of harp related topics. 

Jacqueline is happy to set up a free trial lesson and answer any questions interested students might have, including information about rates and current availability. Please email her at:

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