Jacqueline has a variety of resources that are of use to students and educators, including informational articles relating to the harp and videos about the harp. In addition to items on this page, Jacqueline also maintains an informational harp website, with a wealth of resources for harpists.

Articles and Presentations

Building Technical Skills through Warm-up Exercises

Presentation by Jacqueline Pollauf

American String Teacher Association Conference

March 2022

Eliza Ridgely: More than her Portrait

Article by Jacqueline Pollauf

American Harp Journal

Winter 2021

A Guide to Including Young Harpists in Chamber Music Settings

Article by Jacqueline Pollauf

American String Teacher, Volume 70, No. 2

May 2020

Teaching Quality Practicing

Article by Jacqueline Pollauf

Stringendo, Volume XXXIV

Autumn 2018

An Interview with Mary Brigid Roman

Article by Jacqueline Pollauf

American String Teacher, Volume 69, No. 4

November 2018

Adventures with Bach

Blog Post by Jacqueline Pollauf

Concert Artists of Baltimore Blog

February 2018


Jacqueline regularly posts videos on her YouTube Channel in a variety of categories, including solo and chamber music, instructional videos about playing the harp, and harp maintenance and repair videos. For videos of Jacqueline performing, go to the Videos page. Below are a variety of informational and instructional videos. 

Jacqueline's Inspirational Videos for Young Harpists Series features Jacqueline playing beginning and intermediate classical harp pieces. Each video begins with a short spoken introduction, and is followed by Jacqueline performing the piece. 

Jacqueline's Informational Harp Videos are explanatory videos about many technical aspects of playing the harp, including rolled chords, pedal changes, arpeggios, harmonics, and trills. All feature Jacqueline discussing topics as well as demonstrating relevant passages.

Harp Maintenance and Repair videos feature Jacqueline going over common questions, such as tuning and changing strings as well as more complicated areas, including replacing levers and fixing broken pedal rods.