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Naxos, 2020

Bernard Hermann

This album of music by composer Bernard Hermann features the Washington D.C. based Post Classical Ensemble, led by Angel Gil-Ordonez. Of particular interest is the recreation of Bernard Hermann's radio drama, Whitman.

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harp and cello, 2019

Beau Soir

Dariusz Skoraczewski, principal cello of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and Jacqueline Pollauf, harp. Classic works, lesser-known gems, and many transcriptions carefully crafted by the performers are featured throughout the album.

Available digitally on all major sites.


solo harp, 2018

Songs and Dreams

Jacqueline Pollauf presents her own arrangements and transcriptions on this intimate album, including Over the Rainbow, Scarborough Fair, and Gershwin's Preludes.

More info about Songs and Dreams.


Available digitally on all major sites.

"Harpist Jacqueline Pollauf plays with a breathier and darker sound, drawing on her instrument’s richness to balance the dense beauty of cellist Dariusz Skoraczewski in their lovingly recorded Beau Soir."

-Alison Young, The Harp Column

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New Focus Recordings, 2017


This album of music by composer Fernando Benadon highlights a mixture of ensembles. Jacqueline Pollauf, Noah Getz (saxophone), Nobue Matsuoka (vibes), and Jeffrey Chappell (piano) are featured on the first track of the album, Cotxes.


Naxos Records, 2014

Lalla Roukh

Opera Lafayette 

Conductor: Ryan Brown

The opera Lalla Roukh was written by French composer Félicien David (1810-1876).


Ravello Records, 2013

Music from Three Continents

Scottish Voices Ensemble 

Conductor: Graham Hair

Jacqueline Pollauf is featured on works for female voices and harp by Bruce Mahin.

"Both Pollauf and Getz play with nuanced style and impressive technique [in Voyage]... Not only does the duo shine while sailing through lyrical lines; but, they both feverishly attack challenging rhythmic passages."

  -Megan Ihnen, The Sybaritic Singer


harp and saxophone, 2012


Jacqueline Pollauf and saxophonist Noah Getz collaborate as the Pictures on Silence duo on avant-garde classical music, including works commissioned by the duo.


solo harp, 2009


Debut solo album including works by Marcel Grandjany, André Caplet and Sergiu Natra.


Naxos, 2006

Howard Hanson:

Organ Concerto

Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Daniel Spalding

“This lovely CD [Bouquet includes] rare repertoire that is not only off the beaten track but glittering somewhere in secluded forest glades.”

  -Clayton G. Koonce, Felis Pushkini

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