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"Harpist Jacqueline Pollauf plays with a breathier and

darker sound, drawing on her instrument’s richness to

balance the dense beauty of cellist Dariusz Skoraczewski…

you have utter perfection."

- Alison Young, The Harp Column

“Harpist Pollauf was convincing in her performance

of Debussy's Danse Sacree and Danse Profane.

Her secure, yet gossamer-light touch lent the

performance a steady and most satisfying elegance.”
- Stephen Cornelius, The Toledo Blade


“Harpist Jacqueline Pollauf played her extended part

with glittering beauty.”

- Lawrence Budman, critic for the Miami Herald


"Each performer... sounded thoroughly connected to

the music and conveyed a contagious sense of

spontaneity and discovery... [Second was Luciano

Berio's] Sequenza II for harp, which Jacqueline Pollauf

articulated colorfully.”

- Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun


“Pollauf’s expertise on her instrument was apparent as her

fingers effortlessly caressed the strings."

- Susan Brall, MD Theatre Guide

“Pollauf plays with transcendent ability. Her elegant

communication of the musical phrase is truly satisfying to the ear.”
- Megan Ihnen, Sybaritic Singer

“The audience was captivated. As Pollauf’s hands caressed the strings of her harp with vigor and grace… echoes of applause filled the hall.”

- Ben Terzi, The Avenue News

“This lovely CD [Bouquet, includes] rare repertoire that is not only off the beaten track but glittering somewhere in secluded forest glades.”
- Clayton G. Koonce, Felis Pushkini


"Harpist Jacqueline Pollauf... played the interesting Concertino in an Old Style by Maciej Malecki. ...This piece was fascinating, with intriguing shifts of key and style...The soloists did a fine job, meshing well with each other and the orchestra."
- The Perrysburg Messenger Journal


"Harpist Jacqueline Pollauf and flutist Rachel Choe played magnificently in a terrific program last night."
- Clayton G. Koonce, Felis Pushkini


“The playing was assured and clean... with the sparkling harp of Jacqueline Pollauf.”

- Charles T. Downey, Ionarts


“Pollauf played her role masterfully as she outlined the harmonies of the compositions, her tone

blending beautifully with the group”

- Luke Stewart, Capitol Bop 

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