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Fall Mini-Concert Series

This fall I'll be presenting an online mini-concert series on the third Friday of each month at noon. Each themed program will be a half-hour long, exploring a different composer through solo harp music and remarks about each piece. Concerts will stream free of charge through my YouTube channel, with donations accepted. See my calendar page for more details.

New Exercise Book Published

I'm excited to announce that I have published a new exercise book: Glissando Exercises. It's a book of fifty incremental exercises all focused on playing glisses on the harp through many different techniques, including playing crossing glisses, parallel glisses, and multiple glisses with one hand. At the same time, the exercises also focus on all the details surrounding glisses, such as starting and ending on exact pitches, playing glisses of different rhythmic lengths, and using both hands equally.

Glissando Exercises has the same detailed and thorough approach as my other exercise books, Pedal Exercises for Harp  and Exercises in Harmonics. More info, including a PDF available for purchase, can be found at A hard copy is available for purchase through

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